What can you do with SecondSelf?

Engage in life like conversations with your favorite creators

Monetize your online presence and control your digital likeness

Integrate AI-powered human connection into your business or industry

Build stronger, more authentic relationships with your audience

Unlock new opportunities for growth and engagement


SecondSelf AI


Secondself AI

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SecondSelf AI


Secondself AI


All your interactions, evolved

Experience a new era of digital connection

Your persona, amplified. Model your digital twin based on your unique content and personality.

Monitor your Second Self. Keep tabs on earnings and interactions, your second self learns just like you.

Discover the transformative potential of Second
Self's SCOPE
technology across industries

Healthcare and Therapy

Provide empathetic, 24/7 support to patients and clients

Education and Training:

Create immersive, personalized learning experiences

Entertainment and Media:

Develop engaging, interactive content for fans

Our flexible plugin system allows seamless integration with existing platforms and tools, making Second Self a powerful addition to any ecosystem.

Ensuring your peace of mind

Secure yet Accessible

We prioritize the security of your data with end-to-end encryption, while our API keeps your interactions accessible and portable.

Join the SecondSelf revolution and experience the future of human-AI interaction

Asked question

What is Second Self?

Second Self is a platform that uses advanced AI technology to create digital versions of celebrities and influencers. These AI-powered versions can chat with fans, making it feel like you're talking to the real person

How does Second Self work?

Second Self is a platform that uses advanced AI technology to create digital versions of celebrities and influencers. These AI-powered versions can chat with fans, making it feel like you're talking to there al person

Can I really talk to my favorite celebrity on Second Self?

While the AI-powered versions on Second Self are very realistic, they are not the actual celebrities. They are digital recreations that use AI to simulate authentic conversations based on the celebrity's unique personality and content

How do I know my conversations with the AI are private?

Second Self takes your privacy seriously. All conversations with the AI-powered celebrities are encrypted, which means they are protected from being viewed by anyone else. We will never share your personal information or conversations without your permission

Can I use Second Self on my phone?

Yes! Second Self is available on both mobile phones and computers. Your chats will sync across all your devices, so you can pick up where you left off.

As a creator, how can I ensure my likeness is protected on Second Self?

Second Self is committed to protecting the rights and likeness of creators. When you join Second Self, you have full control over how your Al persona is created and used. You can review and approve all content before it goes live, and you can request changes or removal of any content that you're not comfortable with

What if my AI persona says something controversial or off-brand?

Second Self has built-in safeguards to prevent AI personas from engaging in controversial or inappropriate conversations. However, if you ever notice your AI acting out of character, you can immediately pause it and notify our support team. We'll work with you to identify the issue and make any necessary adjustments to keep your AI aligned with your brand

How can I earn money as a creator on Second Self?

Second Self offers multiple ways for creators to monetize their AI personas and generate passive income. Fans can purchase credits to interact with your AI, and a portion of those proceeds goes directly to you. Additionally, you can offer exclusive content, such as personalized messages or virtual merchandise, for fans to purchase. Second Self also facilitates brand partnerships and sponsored conversations, allowing you to earn money by promoting products or services that align with your brand. The more engaging and popular your AI persona becomes, the more passive income you can generate, all while Second Self handles the technical aspects and user interactions